How Ankara Fabric is Made

Ankara, often known as "African prints," "African wax prints," "Holland wax," and "Dutch wax," is a 100% cotton fabric with bright designs. 
It is often a bright textile that is linked with Africa due to its tribal-like designs and themes.
Ankara, often known as "African prints," "African wax prints," "Holland wax," and "Dutch wax," is a 100% cotton fabric with bright designs. It is often a bright textile that is linked with Africa due to its tribal-like designs and themes.
Ankara print fabrics are created using the Indonesian wax-resist coloring method known as batik. Methods are utilized in this process to "resist" the dye from reaching all of the material, resulting in a pattern. The lack of color intensity divergence aids in determining the (front) right and (rear) wrong side of the cloth.
Ankara print fabrics are usually sold per yard, 6 yards or 12 yards. The fabric company, product and registration number is printed on the selvage of the fabric, to notify people of the quality and to protect the designs from imitators.
The wax fabric can be sorted into categories of quality due to the processes of manufacturing. The colors comply with the local preferences of the costumers. Wax prints can be named after and inspired by personalities, cities, building, sayings, occasions or well-known individuals.
Ankara print fabrics may be worn on a regular basis, although many people consider it a formal fabric that should only be worn on special occasions.
For important events such as birthdays, weddings, and balls, some individuals wear it as "asoebi." Asoebi is a Nigerian term that means "clothes for the family"
For a significant event, family members, relatives, and close acquaintances frequently dress in similar clothes.
Although Ankara fabrics are connected with African culture, their roots are not entirely and truly African. Dutch wax prints began as mass-produced replicas of Indonesian batik cloth.
It was designed for the Indonesian market, but it found a more passionate market in West Africa, where it became icons of traditional and high-quality fashion. This cloth spread from West Africa to other regions of Africa and all across the world.
It's time for a recap! So, what exactly is ankara? What exactly is ankara fabric?
  • 100% cotton fabric with colorful designs, sometimes known as "African prints," "African wax prints," "Holland wax," and "Dutch wax."
  • Batik is a type of wax-resist dyeing process.
  • Many products may be fashioned from this versatile fabric, including hats, jewelry, coats, and shoes, to mention a few.
  • Although it is connected with African culture, its origins are not entirely and truly African. Dutch wax prints began as mass-produced replicas of Indonesian batik cloth.
  • It is also the capital of Turkey!

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