Nkechi Designs: 10 Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black Women this Winter

Nkechi Designs: 10 Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black Women this Winter

Awesome Outfit Ideas for Black women: If you're looking for fashion ideas as a black woman or you're looking to rock a gorgeous new look, this post will give you a list of 10 trendy outfit ideas that you can flaunt today.

As you might have noticed, designers are now featuring tribal patterns in their recent creations, and African tribes have had a major influence on the designs and prints.

Check out the images below to discover excellent clothing for black women this winter and how you may dress up gracefully every day. We are sure that you will love the ideas.

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What to wear if you have a dark complexion?

Winter is finally upon us—and along with it comes the urge to swaddle ourselves in the best winter outfit. The options on this list are just as cozy as they are stylish and perfect for making the cold winter weather all the more comfy.

Here are some awesome outfit ideas for black women this winter that are worth buying. Scroll down to see some outfit ideas to help you stay warm this winter. We also urge that you read our previous post on 6 Tips to care for your Ankara. Note down these essential style tips to make your everyday wear elegant and stylish:

1. Kitenge Dress

Why go for dull and boring outfits when you can proudly embrace your happening culture? The African heritage is known for its uniqueness.

The Fashion there involves big, bold patterns and prints that are famous all around the globe. Kitenge is one such staple that all Black women absolutely adore. You can find out some fashion options with Kitenge from office wear to casual style.

This Blue jumpsuit with floral print is a super elegant one and can be sported out at formal events for a glamorous look.


2. Ankara Joggers

If you're looking to look classy but casual as well, then our collection of Ankara joggers is the solution for your fashion woes.

This collection is perfect for winter and provides a pop of color to your outfit.

It will also be a perfect fit alongside our collection of hoodies or Jessica’s warmth jackets paired with some cute winter boots.

With winter around, we would totally recommend this attire to keep it warm and classy.

3. Jessica’s warmth Ankara Wrap Jacket

Here is how to dress up for a casual occasion during winter with a stylish look.

This super cozy attire is perfect for the Winter cold. You can wear this with black trousers and some winter boots or a pair of chunky sneakers.

Some good accessories to go with it include some cute danglers and a nice gold watch.

4. Belle Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress

As we talk about fashion for black women, we could not resist sharing this gorgeous blue long dress with statement sleeves.

The wide neckline and sleeve hem detailing looks so breathtaking, one cannot help but eye its beauty. This dress is something we would totally recommend to wear to a wedding or formal party.

Heels are a great combination to add in some style and height. You can match the attire with a pick from our collection of accessories and jewels.

5. Infinity Scarves

Available in 5 different colors, this scarf is made with soft 100% cotton ankara fabric that is sure to keep you comfortable and warm all season long.

It is large scarf perfect for wrapping around your head and shoulders on cold evenings, and is so cozy you will never want to go anywhere without it

Our scarf is fleece lined, handmade and one of a kind, so you can be sure that it is of the best quality
Just remember to hand wash or use your washers on a gentle cycle only after repeated use (and we promise you'll want to use it all the time).

6. The Bomb Jacket

Got a pair of basic denim Jeans with no idea on how to style it? Pair it with our zip-down jackets, in the shade lighter than the denim wash for a casual look.

This outfit can be worn by young women and can also be made a part of your regular fits.

Winter street style never looked this great before!

7. Kimono

Cozy up during this season with our handmade kimono collection which features stylish long sleeves with 100% cotton ankara fabric

With a variety of pattern choices you can stay fashionable and warm.

8. Lewa Jogger Set

Want something that looks sporty and yet looks super elegant? This collection is exactly what you need.

It comes in 6 color options so you have various styles to pick from. This outfit can be sported with a pair of sneakers or winter boots to match your color choice.

We totally recommend this outfit for a sporty look this season.

9. Mama Africa Sweatshirt


An outfit all on its own, this sweatshirt is the missing item in your wardrobe. With 6 color variants this sweatshirt can be paired with our collections of joggers, or even with a pair of jeans. It feels totally of the moment.

10. It’s the headwrap for me! Hoodie

Celebrate the culture everyday all day this winter with our new collection!

Our "It's the headwrap for me!" collection lets you say it with your chest!!

This cropped hoodie is a great statement piece, with its raw hem and matching drawstrings giving us retro 80s vibes.

It comes in 4 color variants giving you more options to style with.


  • Bonus Tip: Most Flattering & Trending colors to wear this winter in 2022.

The trendiest colors to wear this winter are Burgundy, Pastel Pink, Rose and Meadow Violet. Blue hues, Plum, Gray, Mustard Yellow, and Tangerine Tones and they all look great on darker skin tones.

You can shop for outfits with these colors from our store and also match colors when getting your nails done.


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