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Caring for your Ankara can be a very tricky thing especially when you are used to washing your cloth with a washing machine.
So today i would be telling you 6 tips to care for your Ankara fabrics, whether its scarves, hoodies, coats or any other Ankara materials.

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  • First, hand wash or use your washers on a gentle cycle to maintain the fabric.
  • If it's a laptop bag, instead of a thorough washing, use a brush to clean it.
  • Use mild laundry soap while washing your fabric. For your Ankara material or dress, it is more advisable to use a bar soap.
  • Try tossing your Ankara fabric into the wash with a tablespoon of salt. The chloride content of the salt will help seal the color in. This also works for head wraps.
  • Stains are sometimes unavoidable, but using bleach on your Ankara is a no-no. Instead, add a little vinegar in your wash water to remove stains. You could also try using baking soda or an alternative that is not as harsh as bleach to get rid of stains on your Ankara fabric.
  • Lastly, turn the fabric inside out and iron on low heat.

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