About Nkechi

About Nkechi

I had the honor of being interviewed recently.. During this interview I realized that I had not properly articulated what my business is.

I would tell people that I have a small online boutique. That’s not accurate.

Nkechi Designs is a global business where I’m the CEO. I scout talented crafters, designers, seamstresses, and tailors in Africa and the African Diaspora to creat ,by hand, the clothing and accessories that I envision.

Every single item in my boutique is hand made and imported from Nigeria and Ghana at this point. When you support my business you support those communities where living wages are not what we are used to. We are creating opportunities for commerce and relationship building.

I’m excited to be adding jewelry, handmade, by women here in the US. The goal is to keep expanding and showcasing the amazing hand work of these talented artists.

I’m so filled with gratitude. I’m thankful for the support. I’m thankful for the encouragement and the life changing conversations that I’ve had.

Nkechi Modupe
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